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A leading elderly care company has been prosecuted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for refusing to pay staff for the time it takes them to travel between appointments.   They had alsonot paid some staff for other extra hours worked
The landmark case — which could spell an end to the widespread practice in the home-care sector — forced the company to pay its staff over half a million pounds after it was found to have breached minimum wage legislation with its travel-time deduction.
In a clear warning to other companies, HMRC said that this practice breached minimum wage legislation. The £600,000 the company must now pay its staff is one of the biggest such payments ever ordered.   
We would like to remind branches that whilst this is welcome news, it represents just the tip of the iceberg as well over 200,000 care workers are victims of the same treatment.
There are tens of thousands of other homecare workers who are being paid below the National Minimum Wage and are collectively being robbed of tens of millions of pounds. It is not only a clear violation of the law but has a hugely detrimental effect on the quality of care that is being delivered to elderly and disabled people in their own homes.
It is undoubtedly an issue that all our branches can organise around and could potentially lead to thousands upon thousands of new members.  Whilst we will continue to pressurise HMRC to take action over this issue we really need to match it with action on the ground.
We have produced and shared with you a number of resources that can be used to help you recruit and organise around the issue.  Some of them can be found on this resources page here

stand upOn Saturday 10th May members of Stand up to UKIP leafleted Bristol town centre with material exposing the real policies of this right wing racist organisation and encouraging people to vote in opposition to them.

On the previous Thursday evening 70 people had turned up to a Stand up to UKIP meeting in the Station on Silver St where a range of speakers including Nigel Cosley (South-West TUC) , Hibaq Jama (Lab, Lawrence Hill) and Weyman Bennett (Unite Against Fascism) spoke of the dangers posed by a high vote for right wing populism and the scapegoating of migrants and the need to actively counter this.

The UNISON banner was at both events.



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You can update your details online. Contact the branch office if you need your membership number.